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Meaning of Gaga

"Gaga" means the scene that the rock of the mountain was rugged.

Ster tour

I have a star tour in summer. I take a visitor by bus to the Zao mountaintop neighborhood, and, please enjoy beautiful starlit sky. Number of people-limited. I am charged a fee.

Onsen jinja

There is a Shinto shrine on the back of the inn. We take good care of a Shinto shrine to have you protect a hot spring from ancient times.

Fudou myouou

fudou myouou stachuAcala. There is a stone statue at the hotel for the forthcoming middle. It is a guardian angel of the mountains. Zao is the mountain which has been protected by God more than ancient times.

The beautiful season

In Autom Mt.Zao changed color. It’s because of the temperature loss and the trees become autumnal leaves.And it’s the harvest season. In fall,the beautiful nature and delicious crops impresses the people who visit Miyagi Zao .


Okama is located near the summit of Katta Peak in the Zao Mountain Range. It is a crater lake the was formed after a volcanic eruption which took place approximately 3,000 years ago. Among the bleak landscape, absent of trees and plants, the shining emerald-green lake is mysterious.

Juhyo is snow monster

Juhyo, a special feature of winter in Zao, are formed through moisture in the air when the Aomori Fir trees freeze and snow accumulates on them. From early to mid-February, the size becomes at its peak, and it can be seen by taking the snow tractor.

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