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Welcome to Sakura Dining

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The dining room is next to the river. Please enjoy meals and the scenery.

We ask our guests to dine together in the dining room, because we want our guest rooms to be a place for just relaxing and resting.  We serve sake and wine which both taste great!  The sake are all from Miyagi.

      We hope you will enjoy Zao cuisine.

Here is in the middle of mountains, we hope you do not expect sashimi or sushi.  We cannot always offer them.  However, we hope you will enjoy local food from Zao.  In this area, good vegetables grow!  Also our rice and miso are very tasty.  Our rice is grown by local farmer Onuma-san and our miso is made by a local partner just for us.  Our speciality is imoni soup it has lots of vegetables, tofu and slices of  pork. How does that sound?  

What kind of breakfast do you prefer?

We think one of most important things in life is breakfast.

Therefore, the ingredients are made by the partner.

The rice is brought up by Mr.Onuma and Miso is made by Mr. Sato.

We offer you a kind of traditional Japanese foods as rice, miso soup, salted plum and edible wild plants and so on.  
We hope to keep you fit and healthy with Gaga breakfast.


Enjoy the natural water


This is natural water that gushes out through the rocks of the Zao mountains. The taste is clearly different from that of tap water.

Mizudashi coffee (Kyoto-style cold-brew, slow-drip)

Cold-brewed slow-drip style using the natural spring water (Iwashimizu). It takes a long time, about eight hours, to brew it. We will serve you a cup after breakfast. Coffee is made with Iwashimizu is especially tasty. 

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