The 100% natural Hot spring

Pubilc bath

  • Shampoo and Body soap

  • Shower

  • Hear dryer

  • W.C

You can bathe indoors and outside in our open-air garden bath.

Rules for pubilc bathing

・Please shower yourself before entering the bath.

・Please be sure not to put your towel in the bath.

・Please dry off before entering the changing room.

Private open-air bath

Private open-air bath Tenkuu no Yu

You can enjoy nature and nice scenery along the Nigori River.
The private bath is complimentary and no reservation is required. 

Spring quality: Sodium, calcium, hydrogen carbonate

Effect:duodenal ulcer, peptic esophagitis, diabetes, hyperuricemia, cholesterinemia, constipation

Our hot spring water is drinkable. 

Drink our onsen treats stomach and intestinal illnesses.  Also, since sodium ions have high hydrophilic propertythe body will be sufficiently warmed during bathing and an after-bath chill will not occur.

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