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About Gaga-onsen



There is only nature

Gaga Onsen is isolated in the heart of Zao mountains.
It is one of the best places for you to be completely free from the noise and bustle of a city and to feel like yourself again.

The beautiful nature and charm of  the changing seasons will impress you. 

We hope you will enjoy our hot spring, our heart-warming kindness, and being surrounded by the nature of Zao.



One of the greatest hot springs in Japan 

Our most important feature is our 100% natural hot spring. It is a treasure from Mt. Zao and the earth.  

Because the temperature of the headspring is so high (58℃ :136.4°F), we take reduce the temperature to around 40℃ for the baths. The hot spring is rich in minerals.

Gaga Onsen is considered one of the top three hot springs in Japan for curing stomach and intestinal illness, along with Yunohira-Onsen and Shima-Onsen.


A samurai discovered Gaga Onsen over 140 years ago

It is said that Gaga Onsen might have been created sometime between 834 and 847AD,when Mt. Zao was an active volcano.  Sometime between 1847 and1853, a hunter named Rokuji discovered the hot spring. 
Time passed. Tokiyasu Takeuchi from Gunma Prefecture visited here in 1872 . He realized it was a divine spring and opened a hotel with official permission in the 1879 after much difficulty. He named it Gaga Onsen.



A family-run establishment 

Gaga Onsen is run by the 6th generation of Takeuchis now. 

We work with our family and local staff, so our hotel service is familial. Gaga Onsen doesn't offer stiff, formal service. If you accept our hospitality and familial service, we welcome you warmly.



 If you like hiking, please come enjoy Mt. Zao. 

At 850 meters above sea level, one of the Mt. Zao trailheads is located nearby.

The mountain trail goes to the top of Mount Zao and is suitable for intermediate hikers. A round-trip takes 8-9 hours.
An easier panoramic trekking course is also available, taking 4 hours round-trip. You can enjoy beautiful views.  Please enjoy the nature of Zao in Japan.

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